In a Nutshell...

Silly Grasshopper is a virtually-operated brand that provides digital marketing solutions to small businesses and brands.

What else do you want to know?

Why we’re in this business.

The web has provided a way for individuals to create and maintain the lifestyle that they truly desire.

Whether it’s running a financial podcast or touring the country to teach psychotherapy workshops – the internet allows business owners to reach further and grow faster. It provides a way to experience freedom. It’s this opportunity for freedom that pushes us to keep on providing quality, yet affordable ways for small businesses to succeed using the web.

Where in the world to find us.

We operate out of Melbourne Beach in Florida’s Space Coast. It’s about an hour and a half southeast of Orlando. While we’re happy to serve local business, we’re all about the virtual work space, so small businesses nationwide can work with us.

What we do for brands.

Services we provide are typically found under the “web” umbrella, but surely you must have figured that out by now. Web design, user experience consulting, search engine optimization and so on…that’s all in our wheelhouse.

Graphical marketing is another big area for us with things like logo, business card and banner design. Aside from that, we’re dabbling with providing subscription-based, online educational resources at the moment.

How we operate.

Our approach to design emulates our approach to business: do what makes sense, spend money on things that matter and always optimize.


In Design

You’ve probably heard it said that “content is king”. This is true, but user experience is queen…and as far as your potential customers are concerned, she runs the show. On the web, we execute designs that are based on content, usability and functionality. Every page, paragraph and image is given a purpose.

People come to your site looking for an answer to a specific question – our job to to ensure they find it.

In Business

Part of the thrill to small business ownership is having the opportunity to always learn and grow. We don’t pretend to be perfect and don’t have the answer to every question. But we’ll always try to provide as much value as we possibly can. Furthermore, we believe that the only way for us to attain success is to first help our clients attain success. We’re here with our clients for the long-haul.

Who you’re working with.

At our core are 3 people that keep the wheels moving. However, being that we’re firm believers in the virtual workspace, we also rely on our network of professionals for normal operation.

Jonathan: Web & Strategy

Writing your own bio in the third person is awkward, so I’m not going to. I’ve been involved with the web on a professional level since 2008. Before diving into the Silly Grasshopper brand full-time in 2015, I spent 8 years working as a research analyst for a financial services research firm.

More than likely, I’ll be one of the first people you speak with about any project you have. I’m a terrible salesman, but I have a good hold on user experience, especially when it comes to the web.

Josh: Graphics & Maintenance

Josh went to school for graphic design and has a tendency to pay more attention to detail than most. This characteristic can be trying during debates, but when it comes to graphic design, it’s exactly what’s needed.

In addition to being our graphical muscle, Josh handles a lot of our maintenance-related tasks.

Jamie: Social & Operations

Being the chatterbox of the group, it’s natural to see why Jamie’s the social media expert on the team. On top of that, she’s responsible for keeping all our accounting and billing stuff in order.

Ready to talk business?

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