Doing things a little differently.

Think of us as the web team that’s right down the hall: just tap on the door when you need us.

Let’s be crystal clear: Silly Grasshopper’s mission is to provide small business owners with a modern and affordable solution for their website woes.

Our brand specializes in providing digital creative services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. More specifically, we specialize in design, user experience, and web strategy. Some of our work can be seen across a variety of industries including agriculture, entertainment, financial services, non-profit and the government sector.


Web Strategist

Handling the web component of Silly Grasshopper, Jonathan has been developing websites since 2008. After developing custom websites for several years, Jonathan discovered the WordPress platform and immediately realized the value that it could provide to his clients. He started Silly Grasshopper in 2012 as a way of providing small brands with affordable web solutions and personalized service.


Graphic Designer

Joshua is the brain and imagination behind the graphical component of Silly Grasshopper. His intimate familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite and his keen attention to detail are evident in the final graphics that he creates. Joshua attended Indian River State College and studied graphic design while also producing conceptual and finalized branding for various entities.


Web Designer & Creative Media Director

Born in Sicily, educated in California and now living in Florida, Kelby enjoys all different kinds of emerging technology and tries to utilize them when building websites, editing video, creating motion graphics, and doing photography.

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