The Grasshopper Story

Let’s start at the beginning.

One Odd Kid

Silly Grasshopper founder, Jonathan Josephs.


When asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”, most children respond with a somewhat predictable profession: a firefighter, a doctor, the president. As a rather peculiar 4 year old, I responded “a grasshopper” to my preschool teacher, Miss Leighan.

As you can imagine, both she and my parents were left scratching their heads.

Only Boring People Get Bored

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was the kind of child that got bored easily. Once bored, I would immediately stop engaging in the boring activity and jump into something more engaging. After all, according to my mother “only boring people get bored”. During adolescence and early adulthood, my continued eagerness to explore the unknown and learn new things further added to this grasshopper mentality; I was always jumping from one project to the next.

An Obvious Career Choice

While technology had been one of the few interests that remained constant in my life, I didn’t start exploring the web side of things until I was in college. After dabbling in the industry for a few months, I immediately knew that this was the line of work for me as it allowed me to always have something new, fresh and exciting on which to work and explore.

I found working with a variety of people on their web projects to be mentally stimulating. So, in 2012 I decided to develop a brand that would echo this trait. Enter: Silly Grasshopper.

Although it was something I worked on in my spare time at first (I had a full-time job as a web analyst at the time), 3 years later, I committed myself to the brand full-time and have been doing it day-in, day-out ever since.

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