The compass that guides us.

Beliefs, morals, values: as an individual, these are the driving forces behind every decision that you make.

Always Remember the Human Element

In a world dominated by screens, bots and a “faster is better” mentality, we will always connect with our customers on a human level through direct, personal and casual communication. While processes have been developed to maintain consistency in our work, we will always remember that each customer is unique and will treat them as such.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

When challenges present themselves, we avoid making knee-jerk reactions that only provide short-term relief. Instead, we take the time to think out a logical, long-term plan to overcome hurdles.

Every Mickle Make a Muckle

In certain parts of the world, the phrase “Every mickle make a muckle” is often directed at those known to be impatient. Essentially, the phrase means a little here and a little there will eventually grow into something bigger. When it comes to our business, this phrase fits right in. We’re not looking to make a lot of money in a short period of time by overcharging, undercutting or taking shortcuts. Our approach is to charge a fair price for what we do and grow both our network and revenue slowly and steadily.

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