Escaping the Box

Financial advisors have been placed in a box. So have web designers.

Just as many financial advisors are beginning to change how consumers view financial planning, we’re here to change how you perceive web design.

Unbox Now!

Unlike “websites”, the virtual assistants we create actually work for you and your business to:

Promote Growth.

Socially inclined, these assistants love meeting new people. Through recognized SEO practices, social connectivity and email marketing integrations, each assistant works to keep their brand moving onward and upward.

Book Leads.

They’ll check your availability, setup times for you to chat on the phone with potential clients and even automate meeting reminders.

Kill Distractions.

Keep us on-call and you won’t need to worry about maintaining your assistant either! Monitoring, software updates, security patches and backups are handled so you can focus on business.

Guide Users.

Virtual assistants will strategically navigate your clients and prospects to where they need to be – one intentional click at a time.

What’s inside:

After rigorous quality control testing, assistants are packaged with everything you need for immediate use.


Search engines look for specific items. Each assistant ensures these items are in all the right places.


Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops…our assistants look pretty darn good on all of them.


Each assistant is capable of tracking your visitors using the powerful Google Analytics software.


Assistants are created with easy operation in mind for you, your clients and your prospects.


Assistants are always looking to meet new people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

All Yours

Your assistant is yours to do with as you please. Give it a makeover, swap out parts. Whatever.

Hosting | Beauty’s only screen deep.

The assistants we create always look sharp, but they won’t be of much use if they get sick or are poorly maintained.

We’ve got 3 options for clients that want website hosting:

We’ve worked with many fee-only advisors and other financial professionals to plan, design, maintain and grow their web presence.
“I appreciate your great communication, creativity and timeliness.” Todd Minear, CFP

Open Road Wealth

“Excellent customer support and completes work on time and budget.” John McCarthy, CPA

Advisor Facing Tax

“We are well on our way to the most fabulous site ever for a financial planner.” Susan Pack, CFP

Pomeroy Financial

See other assistants in action:

New Heights Financial Planning

A pilot turned financial planner, Dan Kellermeyer needed an assistant that appealed to aviation professionals.

Achievable Wealth

Arnie Cabiles wanted his assistant to be capable of providing all the relevant information about his brand all in one go.

Otium Advisory Group

Based out of California, John Pak contacted us to create an assistant that was simple in appearance, but highly informative.

Questions +

Do I own it when you’re done?

Yes. All the software we use on projects are provided by third parties…we simply purchase licenses to these titles and set them up on your behalf. When we’re done with the project, you’re welcome to have us host and maintain it for you… or take it elsewhere.

Can you design my logo too?

Yes. The cost for that is $500 and you’ll have full usage rights when it’s done. More on how we help brands through graphic design here.

Will I be able to make changes to the site myself?

Yes, and we’ll teach you how to make those changes if you need us to through recorded screencasts or live demos.

Are you guys affiliated with XY Planning Network?

No. XYPN just happens to be where a lot of our financial advisor clients come from.

What email marketing services do you support?

All the popular ones, but we prefer MailChimp. If you’re looking for a recommendation, that’s the one we’ll give you.

What SEO stuff will you incorporate?

All the stuff you’d expect: page titles, meta descriptions, appropriate permalinks, sitemap placement, etc.

What call scheduling platforms do you support?

We can use any web-based scheduling platform, but we mostly deal with Calendly and ScheduleOnce. Look over the features of each to determine which works best for your business, but we generally recommend Calendly over ScheduleOnce in most cases.

Your hosting seems more expensive than what I was expecting. Why?

Because it’s better than what you’ve been looking at and comes with ongoing support and maintenance for all web-related stuff. More on that here.

I’m not a financial advisor. Can you still make a site for me?

Yes. There are only a few industries that we shy away from. You know who you are. Have a chat with Ella and she’ll point you in the right direction.

Have another question? Just ask!

How much do they cost?

Ella is the virtual assistant we created to answer this exact question.

Know an advisor that needs help in the web space?

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