Advisor Facing Tax
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Project Summary:

Advisor Facing Tax is a project we worked on for an existing client, John McCarthy. He came to us with nothing more than an idea of what he wanted. We then worked with him to develop a logo, promotional flyer, business card and website all with a 1 month turnaround! It was a crazy month for us, but we’re thrilled with how everything came out.

The first thing we needed to do was create a logo for John. We did quite a bit of research to figure out what colors and shapes to use in the logo. Josh, our graphic designer, did an exceptional job with this. Once we had the logo finished, we then created a few variants for John to use and put them in a single branding reference sheet for him (pictured).

Advisor Facing Tax Reference Sheet

As far as his website goes, John wanted something simple and clean. Visitors to his site are greeted with a no-frills landing page, allowing them to quickly ascertain the purpose of the website.

Advisor Facing Tax Home Page by Silly Grasshopper Media

Above the fold on each page you’ll find page descriptions with a really neat downward slope, subtly hinting to scroll further down.

Advisor Facing Tax Page Headings by Silly Grasshopper Media

In order in increase the likelihood of a visitor converting into a client, John wanted the ability to schedule a phone call embedded on the website.

Advisor Facing Tax Online Scheduling by Silly Grasshopper Media

While we were working on the site, John came and asked if we could integrate a freemium email optin. After submitting their email address, subscribers are automatically emailed a copy of John’s ebook.

Advisor Facing Tax Freemium Email Optin by Silly Grasshopper Media

Here’s the back of the business card that we did for John.

Advisor Facing Tax Business Card by Silly Grasshopper Media

And, finally, here’s the flyer we created for him to bring to an annual conference.

Advisor Facing Tax Promotional Flyer by Silly Grasshopper Media

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