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Chris was referred to us by another client and wasted no time in hiring us to not only design his website, but also develop a logo for his Dr. Thrift brand. We liked working with Chris and he was so happy with our work that he continues to hire us to work on the project.

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I can’t say enough about how well Jonathan worked to create a first class website for my brand. Jonathan recognized that I needed a total redevelopment of the site and took the time to understand what I needed before starting. He did an extensive amount of research to understand my industry. Based on his research, he then gave me a long list of items I needed to write about to provide as much valuable content on my site as possible. In terms of timeline, Jonathan was patient to work with me on my schedule while also gently pushing me to get things done. Visually, I think the site speaks for itself. I have already heard great feedback. I would recommend you contact Jonathan for all your website needs. He can even help you with branding & logo design if you need guidance in that area. I have already hired him to do some follow-up work and will be using him monthly to continually add content to my site.

Chris Hawkins

Financial Coach, Dr. Thrift

Dr. Thrift gave us a hypothetical scenario to think about when designing his logo. In his words…

Imagine standing at a crossroad/fork in a road. To the left takes you down a well built road that when followed brings you right back to that same point. In essence it is a circle. To the right is an older, less maintained road that leads up and away to the right. At the junction is signs, one points to misery, debt, etc while the one to the right points to thrift, thriving, wealth, etc. The point is that most Americans follow the same path, one that looks appealing, but each month leaves them broke and right back at the same point. The other is a little harder to follow but leads to wealth, thus it goes up as it also goes to the right.

After going back to the drawing board a few times, we finally came up with a solid design that he was happy with (we liked it too!).

Landing on the website presents a full-screen image with a simple question that invites the visitor to continue scrolling down the page.

Every page on this website contains a customized banner that visualizes the idea of the page’s content. We also made sure that visitors would be able to share each page, post and podcast episode by incorporating simple share buttons on the left side of their screen.

Custom thumbnails that match the overall aesthetic of the site are also found throughout the pages.

We took a good chunk of time developing cornerstone articles for the website. These articles will increase the effectiveness of the site’s search engine optimization while also providing great value to site visitors.

We also created category pages for each financial topic discussed by the client to boost search results and improve the site’s user experience.

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