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Prudence Designs & Events is a flower shop located in Manhattan. Owners Grayson and Arturo were tired of the previous flash-based version of their website and needed something fresh and mobile friendly. We were able to work with these clients and provide them with a responsive site with lots of room to breathe.

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The site greets users with a responsive splash page showcasing a large image of one of their beautiful bouquets. Clicking either the image or the “Enter” text located underneath it will lead the user into the website.

Navigating to the “Flowers” page shows visitors their extensive collection of flower arrangements. This portfolio also provides a category filter that, when clicked, will dynamically show the respective category of arrangements. By clicking on any of the thumbnails, a larger depiction of the arrangement is displayed as well as a description written by the site owners. The page also houses a stream of the company’s most recent Tweets in the right sidebar.

Not only did the company want a place to showcase their floral arrangements, but they also wanted to show their viewers the skills they possess in event decorating. As such, we set up an “Events” category that provides a scrolling banner at the top showcasing pictures taken of the particular event.

The contact page provides viewers with links to the company’s social media outlets as well as all the basic contact details. An embedded Google Map provides a visual reference as to where in the city they are located as well as a link to get directions or save the location.

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