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Joshua Sheats is the young, passionate host of a financial podcast known as “The Radical Personal Finance Podcast”. After establishing a loyal following on iTunes, Josh decided that it was finally time to invest in establishing a website for promoting his podcast. After discussing Joshua’s needs and wants for his site, we were able to help him organize his content in a way that would beneficial for his audience and for his podcast’s success.

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I have nothing but good things to say about my experience working with Jonathan. When I came to him I had a simple, basic word press template. It was totally inadequate for my purposes. Jonathan sat down with me and we made a plan for a comprehensive site redesign.

The site looks awesome. Just look at it! But, more importantly, it has made a tremendous impact on my business.

In today’s world, like it or not, you are being judged based upon your website. My website looks great. And, as a direct result, I have received thousands of dollars of “free” advertising simply from people recognizing that I am serious about my business.

For me, my website is my business. So, it’s very important for me to prioritize the proper care and maintenance of my site. Jonathan has done an amazing job for me and I am completely satisfied.

Joshua Sheats

Host - Radical Personal Finance Podcast, Radical Personal Finance

The highest priority for Joshua was to get people to subscribe to his podcast on iTunes. For this reason, we placed both textual and graphical links throughout the site. If a user happens to be using an iPhone or iPad while viewing the site, these links will take them right to the podcast page within iTunes. Otherwise, users will see the podcast page on the web.

The content found in Joshua’s podcast touches on many varying topics of finance. Joshua wanted all of these topics to be organized in a way that was easily visible to his site visitors. For this reason, we executed a mega menu to display podcasts episodes and grouped them by content. It took a lot of planning to create the menu, but the result rendered exactly what Joshua desired.

In addition to displaying financial topics in a mega menu, Joshua also wanted the topics to be summarized and displayed on their own pages. After handpicking the icons that he wanted to use, we styled them and organized them through a series of pages and sub-pages.

Joshua also wanted a way for his listeners to view his entire archive on a single, easy to use page. Through the use of WordPress plugins, we were able to achieve this on the appropriately titled “Archive” page.

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