Rashad Webb Styles


Rashad is a fashion stylist based in New York City that heard about Silly Grasshopper through a friend. He wasn’t happy with the stale site that he’d previously used and wished for elegance to be the focus for his newly developed site.

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There were multiple things that Rashad wanted to display on his website for clients and prospects. One of these were the fashion services that he provides. We set up a single page for this and used custom, circular thumbnails as a visual. The page also features parallax background to provide some subtle visual flare.

Rashad’s site wouldn’t be complete without a place for him to show off his talent, so we created a portfolio page and utilized a lightbox plugin to provide enlarged imagery to his site visitors.

One thing that Rashad really wanted was for his audience to be able to submit fashion and style-related questions to him through his website. To achieve this, we created an “Ask Rashad” page that allowed visitors to submit questions via text or by using their computer’s webcam!

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