Graphic Design

From logos to business cards and everything between, our designs will fascinate viewers.


Tell a story without words.

The visuals chosen to represent your brand should tell its story better than your grandmother ever could.

If you want your customers to take your brand seriously, you need to wow them the moment they lay their eyes on it. Whether they spot your logo first, a business card that you’ve given them or a brochure, prospects need to know that your brand invested in quality graphic design.

Logo Design

The first step to developing a truly wonderful logo is to know the story behind your brand. Once we know your story, we’ll work to visualize that story through a unique and beautifully-designed logo.

Brochures & Flyers

Overcrowding a brochure, flyer or other printed material is very easy to do if you don’t take the right approach. We use the same precision and process when designing printed materials as we do when creating websites.

Business Cards

Like a website, your business card should encourage others to explore your brand. Unlike a website, however, space is limited on a business card so designs should be carefully executed.

Banners & Signs

You want customers to be hypnotically drawn to your business, no matter where it’s located. Whether you’re attending a convention or having a sale in your store, we’ll work with you to catch the eye of passer-byers.

Common Questions about our Graphic Design

How much does it cost?

Depends on what you’re having designed. Here’s a quick list of what it typically costs, although your project may vary:

  • Logo Design: $500
  • Double-Sided Business Cards: $250
  • Double-Sided Flyers: $300
  • Banners: $250
How long does it take?

Usually 2 to 3 weeks, but more complex projects can take a little longer than this.

Do I get the source file?

If you want it, sure! Our designers use professional-grade software to develop graphics. More than likely, you won’t have a program that can read these files, but we have no problem sending them to you if you wish.

Do you offer printing as well?

No. We simply design the files with the appropriate formatting. Once you have these files, you can send them to any printer of your choosing.

Want to see some examples?

We figured as much. Head over to our graphic design portfolio and have a look at what we’ve done for other brands!

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