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We’ll help you create downloadable lead magnets to grow your brand’s list of email subscribers.

Ebook Lead Magnet Graphic Design Service

Providing free, downloadable content is one of the most effective ways to increase both your lead-base and conversion rates.

As a small business owner, coming up with an idea for such a resource isn’t difficult, but displaying it in a way that engages readers can prove quite challenging.

We work with small business owners to create clean, effective lead magnets that can be used to increase subscribership through email optins and other delivery methods.


Share just enough of your professional expertise with readers to encourage them to continue down your sales funnel.


Valuable guides that outline how to accomplish a specific goal are always a great resource to offer potential customers.



Provide ways to help your prospects save time and money by sharing tips based on your professional experience.

Why create a lead magnet?

There are many reasons why lead magnets are trending right now, but let’s cover 3 of the major ones…


They’re Downloadable.

PDFs are available offline which means you get to remain in your customer’s view even without an internet connection.


They’re Shareable.

Just like physical books, if a reader thinks your content is worth sharing, they’ll pass it on to others which means more exposure for you.


They’re Demonstrative.

By providing a free resource, you have an opportunity to show others why you’re an expert in your industry.


You can estimate how much it will cost to create your lead magnet in about 60 seconds.

We offer 3 aesthetic options, each of which include the design of a cover which is a standard $100. Once you know the option you want, multiply the number of pages with the associated dollar amount, then add $100 for the cover.

Make sense?

Basic Design

For those that appreciate simplicity and don’t want to distract readers with visual elements.

Customized cover.

Minimum visual enhancements.

1 page layout.

$100 cover + $20 per page

Downloadable Ebook Design Services - Basic

Clean Design

For those wanting to add just a little flare to their content to make it more visually interesting.

Customized cover.

Moderate visual enhancements.

Up to 2 page layout options.

$100 cover + $30 per page

Downloadable Ebook Design Services - Clean

Magazine Design

For those that are really into the “wow factor” and want to supplement their content with heavy visuals.

Customized cover.

Maximum visual enhancements.

Up to 4 page layout options.

$100 cover + $40 per page

Downloadable Ebook Design Services - Magazine

Common Questions about our Lead Magnet Design

How long will it take to design my lead magnet?

This will vary based on the level of design you select, but generally speaking, expect us to get 2 pages done per day for the basic and clean options. For the magazine option, it’ll be about 1 day per page.

What will I get when the job is done?

Obviously we’ll provide you with the finalized PDF for you to upload to your site, server or email program. In addition, we’ll give you the original source file so that you can edit it yourself if you have the software.

What happens if I need to make an edit to the document?

You basically have 3 options here:

  1. Purchase the graphic design software, make your edits in the software then export an updated PDF.
  2. Hire a graphic designer to make the edits for you.
  3. Jusk us to do it. We’ll charge you our hourly rate to make the edits.
What do you need from me to create the lead magnet?

At a minimum, we’ll need your logo and the copy that you want us to put in the document. If there are specific images that you want used, we’ll need those as well.

When do you collect payment?

Before we start the job.

Let’s talk.

If you’ve got any additional questions for us about our lead magnet design, we’re a quick message away.

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