Website Consulting

When it comes to planning and executing your web strategy, it’s always helpful to have someone that can provide guidance.


Your personal guide.

Visiting a foreign country is exciting, but can also be incredibly unpredictable.

In those situations, it’s best to hire a guide that will help you enjoy your experience and advise you against making regrettable decisions.

Think of us as your guides when it comes to your web strategy. We’ll help to ensure that you reach your final destination in a timely and safe manner.

Plan Ahead

Realizing that a mistake could have been avoided is a frustrating moment for most of us. We’re here to minimize the chances of you making a mistake that could hurt your business.


Simple Translations

If you’re unsure about what something means or how it can impact your web strategy, we can break things down for you so that you are better equipped to make a decision.

On Demand

You’ll only pay for what you need when you hire us. We charge a very reasonable rate of $50 per hour to consult with business owners and entrepreneurs, so no money gets wasted.

We Travel Too

If you need to hire us for an extended period of time or would prefer an in-person consultation, we don’t have a problem traveling to your office anywhere in North America.

Common Questions about our Consulting

Are consultation in person or over the phone/web?

To keep our costs down, we typically provide consultations over the phone or through e-mail. If, however, you would prefer us to consult your business in person, that can be arranged.

How much do consultations cost?

Unless you have a special arrangement with us, we charge an hourly rate of $50.

Let’s talk.

If you’ve got any additional questions for us about consulting, we’re a quick message away.

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