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After conducting a deep analysis of your website, we’re happy to present you with the following report. With the information on this page, you are now equipped with the data you need to make positive changes to your site. If needed, feel free to share this report with other members of your digital team.

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Site Summary

Pages Analyzed

Average Speed


Site Score

  • Aesthetics 20%
  • Content 80%
  • Navigation 70%
  • SEO 20%
  • User Experience 60%

Flash Player


The YouTube video on your home page uses Adobe Flash which is no longer supported.


  • Use an HTML5 player, not Flash, to display your YouTube video.

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Targeted Content

The content presented on a site’s home page should be carefully chosen and thoughtfully written. Too much information can overwhelm a visitor, while not enough information can result in a lack of interest. Your home page doesn’t seem to have any clear direction for visitors and could result in visitors bouncing away from the site after seeing just this page.


  • Be sure to place the most important content on your home page and link to other pages within the site.
  • Place a prominent Call to Action at the bottom of the home page to help guide wandering visitors.

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Chamber of Commerce Badge


It’s great that your business is a part of the Chamber of Commerce. However, the badge presented on your site is placed in an awkward location and the address it takes the user to doesn’t provide any brand-specific information.


  • Update the address of the badge to take the viewer to your Chamber of Commerce page (located here), rather than their home page.
  • Consider relocating the Chamber of Commerce badge to a more consistently-displayed location, for example, in the site’s footer or at the bottom of the vertical menu.

Phone Number


Because so many people use smartphones to access the web, it’s important that phone numbers (like the one near the bottom of your home page) are coded to trigger an action when tapped.


  • Make the phone number on your home page a “tel” link. This can be done by pasting the following as a hyperlink: tel:+16035664173.

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Button Wording

Quantum Siding Remodeling Your Own Custom Garage New Boston NH

The page title and the wording used on the Custom Garages page are not consistent.


  • Reword the text in the button to say “Custom Garages” instead of “Your Own Custom Garage”.

Floor Plans

There are a lot of floor plans on this page, but they aren’t confined to a specific area on the page.


  • Add an area to the page that houses all the available floor plans in one spot

Photo Organization


There are quite a bit of images being shown on this page. Unfortunately, they’re being presented in a disorganized grid.


  • Remove individual photos on this page and insert a single slideshow instead.

Above the Fold

Because the title of the page suggests information about garages, users will expect to be provided with a visual representation when the page loads. Right now, the only information above the fold is text, no images.


  • Place a large, visually appealing image of a garage above the fold on this page.

Certification Placement


Showing off your certifications is encouraged, but it’s important that they’re placed in a strategic location. Because the certifications are supplemental in nature, they should be placed after the primary page content.


  • Place your certifications near the bottom of the page, following the main content.

Email Link

email no hyperlink

If there’s ever an opportunity to direct the user to another page on your site via internal linking, do it.


  • Make the word “email” a hyperlink to your site’s contact page. Additionally, apply a “tel” hyperlink to the words “call us”.

Thumbnail Headings

CertainTeed thumbs

There are currently no headings associated with each of the thumbnails on this page. This makes it very difficult for viewers to skim content.


  • Add appropriate headings to each blurb of text next to the thumbnails.


certainteed unecessary question

It’s unclear why the wording “How Long Is Long Enough?” is present on this page. Because the text above this reads “CertainTeed Limited Warranty”, it’s safe to assume that the body of text beneath it relates to warranty information.


  • Eliminate the line “How Long Is Long Enough?”



Abbreviations tend to make site look less professional as they are often perceived as lazy and unpolished. The line “Please call Jim for more info. and details” is one such example.


  • Change “info.” to “information”. Also, “information and details” are redundant as one can assume “information” is the same as “details”. Therefore, consider ending the sentence after “information”.
  • Provide a phone number where “information” can be obtained.

Service Thumbnails


The long list of items performed by your business is helpful for SEO, but this list can also be used to add visual flair to the page.


  • Consider adding relevant thumbnails for some or all of the items in this list.



It’s great that a slideshow is available on this page to help visitors visualize the quality of your work, however, many of the images do not contain a caption as the first one. As a result, some viewers may see the images, but not have a clue as to what they are looking at.


  • Distinguish the images in the slideshow by providing a caption for each one.

Sentence Structure

sentence structure

The wording of the last sentence on this page is unclear. If a home collapsed, how would an entire wall be lifted?


  • Consider rewording the sentence to say “In order to prevent houses from collapsing in the past, we’ve actually lifted entire walls and replaced rotted sill and floor joists”.

Button Consistency



When a visitor is on a page, the corresponding navigational button on the left is highlighted and the font appears larger in size. This rule does not apply to the Simonton Replacement Windows page, however. On this page, the button is highlighted, but the size of the font does not change like it does with other pages.


  • Ensure the size of the text for all buttons in the navigational menu are consistent.

Testimonial Link

testimonial link

This page claims that “we have received countless compliments”. This is a perfect opportunity for an internal link to the testimonials page of the site.


  • Place an internal link to your Testimonials page in the text “countless compliments”.

Features Presentation


The paragraph of text at the top of this page contains a lot of information regarding what is and is not included at a specific price point. The presentation of this information isn’t optimized for web consumption.


  • Consider providing icons that depict what is and is not included in this service. Ideally, you should try and use check- and x-marks for this.

Product Advantages


It seems as though there are a lot of benefits to using the Simonton windows. Unfortunately, in order to know this, visitors must sift through all the text on the page.


  • Highlight the benefits of using Simonton windows in a central list. Use phrases such as Energy Efficient, Beautifully Crafted, Improved Illumination, Cost Effective, etc.

Look, Look


The word “look” appears twice in the sentence pictured.


  • Reword the sentence to eliminate one of the instances of the word “look”. For example, “Simonton garden windows will increase your home’s curb appeal as well as bring a higher amount of natural sunlight inside.”



There are two spelling/grammatical errors in the caption under this image: “bueaty” and “homes”.


  • Correct the spelling of “bueaty” (beauty) and add an apostrophe to the word “homes” (home’s).

Problematic Spacing


There are two spacing issues with the lines at the bottom of this page: “emailor” and “Zylak(603)”.


  • Add a space after the words “email” and “Zylak”.

Rounded Edges

rounded edges

Most of the images on this page have rounded edges, resulting in visible small, white shapes in the each of the 4 corners of every image.


  • Crop these images so that the edges are not rounded.

Content Overflow



There are a few spot on this page where the content in the table extends beyond the boundaries of the main content area.


  • Add padding to the table to eliminate content overflow.



Because the width of the site is already quite narrow, splitting this page’s content into 2 columns is making it appear very cramped.


  • Reformat the page so that there is only a single column in place.

Before & After


The before and after images that are on this page are nice, but the way they’re presented makes it difficult to see the difference.


  • Create an aligned, split-screen graphic that shows the contrasting before and after images.

Content Expansion


Both the “Customer Testimonial” and “ALCOA Coil Stock” sections utilize only half of the available horizontal space on this page.


  • Take advantage of the full width of this page to reduce unnecessary vertical scrolling.

Caption Readability


The fact that there are captions associated with the images on this page is good, but it isn’t recommended to use a light-colored font on a light-colored background.


  • Change the color of either the font or the caption’s background to improve readability.

Full Screen

The images that rotate in the slideshow on this page cannot be enlarged to see additional detail.


  • Allow viewers to expand each image so they take up the majority of the screen.


For users that want to be notified of new projects you’ve worked on, their only option is to manually check your website. Ideally, these individuals should be automatically notified.


  • Encourage visitors to like your Facebook page to stay updated on your recent work. Furthermore, be sure that you’re actually leveraging your Facebook page to add new projects.

Flash Player


The YouTube videos on this page use Adobe Flash which is no longer supported.


  • Use an HTML5 player, not Flash, to display your YouTube video.

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Full Screen

The images that rotate in the slideshow on this page cannot be enlarged to see additional detail.


  • Allow viewers to expand each image so they take up the majority of the screen.

Broken Links


The link behind the “birthday party” and “dining room” text does not take the user to a functioning website.


  • Remove these hyperlinks.

Further Reading:

More Feedback

You’ve done a good job of manually adding customer feedback to your site, but there’s currently no method for customers to add testimonials themselves.


  • Place a form on this page that will allow customers to submit feedback directly to you. Once feedback is received, be sure to add it to the site.
  • Encourage customers to visit your Facebook page and submit a review there as well as on your website. Many prospects will see your Facebook page before your website, so you want to be sure they’re being presented with great reviews written about your brand.

Blog Conversion

After reading the list of questions and answers on this page, it became obvious that the questions were generalized and not specific to Quantum Remodeling. As such, this is great content that should be leveraged to bring more traffic to your site.


  • Rather than listing all of these Q&As on a single page, convert this page to a blog and add a new post for each Q&A. This will also allow visitors to further discuss each particular topic and improve your site’s traffic.

Further Reading:

Seemingly Random Content


Because the title of this page is “Questions and Answers”, one would expect that all of the information would be in a Q&A format. With that said, the “General Information” paragraph at the top of the page seems a little out of place.


  • Eliminate the “General Information” content on this page, or , reformat it to be a Q&A.

Map Inclusion


Listing cities and areas where your business operates is nice, but there is a missed opportunity to easily add some visual appeal and improved usability as well.


  • Provide a map of the listed cities/area on this page to help visitors visualize where your business operates.

Page Title

The title of this page in the navigation menu is “Our Service Areas”, however, the title listed at the top of the page says “About Us”. In reviewing the content of the page, it seems “About Us” is the more appropriate title for this page.


  • Rename the button in the navigational menu to say “About Us”.

Wordy Intro


Contact pages are generally pretty self-explanatory; most people realize that there will be some type of contact form on these pages. As such, there seems to a be an awful lot of reading that needs to happen before a visitor’s eyes reach the actual form on the page.


  • Limit the copy that appears at the top of this page to 1 or 2 sentences.

Required Fields


The form used on your contact page does not have any required fields, therefore, visitors can submit incomplete forms.


  • Make key fields in your contact for required. At a minimum, we recommend that the Name, Email, and Comments fields be required.

Form Padding

Right now, the fields where visitors type information in the contact form have no padding. The result is a very congested and cluttered form. Not only does this look bad, but it also makes it a little more difficult to use, especially on mobile devices.


  • Add a few pixels of padding around each of the fields in the contact form.

Question Formatting


All of the questions listed on this page are actual questions except for the first one.


  • Reword “Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.” to “What are the most common types of jobs you do for clients?”

Line Break


The second question listed on this page has a break right before the last word, “you”.


  • Eliminate the line break.

Other Tips

In reviewing your website, we found some additional items worth mentioning. These suggestions don’t necessarily apply to a single page, but can be applied to the site as a whole.






There are several places on your website where the first line of a paragraph is indented. While this is commonly seen in printed copy, it’s less common on the web as many consider it harder to read.


  • Remove all the spacing/indentations that are used in paragraphs throughout the site.

Further Reading:

Heading Tags


The use of heading tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) helps search engines index the content of a page. Unfortunately, your site seems to not use any of these tags.


  • When applicable, use heading tags to identify sections of content on your pages.

Further Reading:

Image Quality


The type of work that you do is best appreciated when it can be seen, therefore the quality of the images used to show off your past work should be high. Unfortunately, most of the images used on your site are very low quality, resulting in a severe loss of detail.


  • Replace all the low-resolution images on your website with higher-resolution versions. Our suggested minimum resolution is 1,200 pixels.

URL Visibility

url display

Displaying the full URL of a page can have a negative effect on the aesthetic of a page by making it appear cluttered. To avoid this, it’s encouraged to make select text function as a hyperlink.


  • Remove visible URLs on all pages and insert them as text-based hyperlinks. Like this: Warranty Information


There is currently no call-to-action to get the viewer further down your sales funnel on the majority of your site’s pages.


  • Create a Call-to-Action at the bottom of each page of your site that encourages viewers to get in touch with you. This will help convert visitors into paying customers.

Further Reading:






Too many fonts and font style varieties are currently being displayed on the pages of your site.


  • Determine a single font style to use for headings, page body and captions, then present them consistently on every page.

Further Reading:

About Page

There is currently no single page or area that provides a summary of your company to site visitors.


  • Consider adding an “About Us” page or area that contains your brand’s mission, history, values, team details and certifications.

Further Reading:


Favicons are small icons that are used to identify your website in a web browser tab as well as other locations. Your site does not currently contain a favicon.


  • Create and upload a branded favicon to the root folder of your website.

Further Reading:

External Links

CertainTeed link

There are several links on your site that currently take the user away from your site.


  • Have external links open in a new tab when users click on it so as not to push them away from your site.

Line Height

line height

All headings and body text should have an appropriate line height defined. Not enough line height will result in a congested appearance, while too much spacing will result in difficult reading.


  • Increase the line height of the heading and body fonts.

Further Reading:



Many people interpret underlined copy on the web as representing a hyperlink. To eliminate confusion and potential frustration, only use an underline to identify clickable text.


  • Remove underlines from non-hyperlinked text.

Further Reading:


Jim, after assessing your entire website, we have 4 recommendations for you:

Develop Branding – Right now, your business doesn’t have any branding. Once you’ve established your branding, it’s really important that customers and prospects are able to recognize your logo. This logo should be used anywhere your business appears: your website, Facebook page, business cards, invoices, etc.

Add a Blog – A blog is an excellent way of routinely adding fresh, valuable and interesting content to your site. This will also improve your SEO efforts. We highly recommend you invest in posting new content to your blog as often as you can.

Rebuild the Site – From a visual standpoint, the current site is a disaster. Color combinations were poorly chosen and inconsistencies are found on virtually every page. In terms of content, although there is a lot of good content, much of it is repetitive and/or unnecessary. We recommend rebuilding the site and condensing much of the copy that’s currently available.

Invest in Social – There are currently no social media channels available from your website. Furthermore, visitors have no way of sharing content to social media from your site. Finally, your business’ Facebook page looks to have been abandoned. We recommend investing time into not only creating great content, but promoting that content through social media. We also want to encourage you to look into establishing a Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram profile for your business.

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