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There’s a lot more to hosting a website than just setting aside space on a server.


Welcome home!

When it comes to website hosting, think about it in the same way you would think of a house:

Would you ever consider living in a house that was run-down, poorly-maintained, insecure or over-crowded?

Similarly, your WordPress website needs a dependable place to call home. However, all homes aren’t created equally.

Which package fits your small business’ profile (and budget)?

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Typical questions we hear about our hosting:

Does unused support time roll over to the next month?

No. That would make time management quite difficult.

What if I go over my included support time?

Once your included support is exhausted, you’ll be invoiced at our standard hourly rate ($50/hour).

Can I cancel my hosting plan at any time?
Yes. We collect a payment once per month to continue hosting your site, so cancelling is a simple matter of just not paying your bill.
How will I be billed for hosting?

We’ll send you an invoice at the end of every month. It will have the hosting fee, plus any additional support time that you may have needed for that month.

Can I transfer my site to another host down the road?
Yes. Be warned, however, that some hosting providers make it easier than others to migrate a site.

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