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  • 446 - Friday Q&A: Should We Sell the House we Just Moved Out of, Should I Fire My Financial Advisor, A Cool Networking Event for Celebrities that I Admire, How Can Divorced Men Pay Less Child Support, and More!View Post
  • 445 - Should we Keep Paying off Our House with Gazelle Intensity or Switch to Saving 15% for Retirement?View Post
  • 444 - Yes, You Can Afford For Your Wife to Stay At Home...Here's How!View Post
  • 443 - 1 Year, 50 States, 3 Children, $1,000,000, and the Launch of A Brand-New Business: Interview with Anthony Amos from Bathe to SaveView Post
  • 442 - How to Do Your Own Taxes The Easy Way (And Should You Hire an Accountant?)View Post
  • 441 - Friday Q&A (Live): How Can a 13-Year-Old Young Man Get His Start as a Financial Advisor; How Can an Early Retiree Calculate If He Has Enough MoneyView Post
  • 440 - How to Grow Your Podcast Audience with Effective MarketingView Post
  • 439 - Book Review: Unshakeable - Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony RobbinsView Post
  • 438 - The Audience Demographics of Radical Personal Finance (And What Surprised Me the Most!)View Post
  • 437 - Mustachianism 101: The Philosophy of Mr. Money MustacheView Post
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  • Thanks. I'm glad your perspective has changed. It bugs me so much when people say that a mother's...
  • Long time listener of the show but first time to comment. This was an awesome podcast, as usual....
  • […] In recognition of this anniversary, last week I spoke with financial planner Joshua...
  • Probably makes sense. Calculate the cost of the PMI and figure out what it's equivalent "interest...
  • Yes, a wife is vulnerable in this situation. It's one of many reasons why I'm 100% opposed to...
  • For the high income earnings...consider the AMT; you may not be deducting as much interest off of...
  • Love this! Thanks for taking a detailed look at the popular "payoff mortgage or invest" question....
  • I absolutely love the way you tackled this question. Don't get me wrong, I've got mad respect...
  • Great reasoned argument. My wife chose to leave her teaching career to raise our three children...
  • I just finished your show and was so intrigued by your explanation that I had to come here and...
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